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Choose Storm Damage Experts for Your Business

12/20/2019 (Permalink)

After a devastating storm, contact SERVPRO of East Onondaga as soon as possible. Our job is to repair your home to its pre-disaster condition.

After a big storm, you probably want to get back to business as soon as possible. But you also may be out some money if you had to close for the storm, or if the bad weather reduced your number of customers. So you may not feel inclined to pay extra money for professional storm damage remediation for your business or facility.

However, expert remediation after storm damage can provide a multitude of benefits. Discover some reasons why you should choose a storm damage expert after such an event, whether your business is large or small.

  1. Avoid Nasty Surprises From Compounded Damage

If water gets into your building (say through an open window or roof leak), the damage could continue to worsen even after you have cleaned it up. If you dry up the visible water, you could still have water under the floor or inside the walls, damaging the structure of your building and even creating a humid environment.

Hiring professional remediators can avoid this issue. For one thing, professional remediators have the expertise to know where to look for hidden damage. For another, they have equipment such as large fans and dehumidifiers to help remove any excess moisture in the air that could lead to damage.

  1. Get Back to Business Fast

Although professional remediators cost more, they are also fast and efficient at what they do. This means that if you choose an expert rather than, say, a general contractor or handyman, you could clean up your storm damage on a tighter schedule, allowing you to reopen your facility for business as usual.

  1. Clean Up Not Only Surfaces but Also Air

Although the ideal is to clean up any water damage from a storm within 24 to 48 hours, the truth is that you may not even spot the damage right away. For instance, the storm could happen on the weekend, or you may have evacuated before the storm. In this scenario, your facility could already have contaminated air when you start the cleanup process.

Storm damage, especially water damage, can contaminate your indoor air in a variety of ways. For example, water damage raises the humidity in the air. This humidity can lead to increased off-gassing of chemicals or spikes in airborne allergens and germs.

Professional remediators have plenty of equipment on hand for scrubbing contaminants out of the air as well as cleaning up the surfaces in your building. Moisture meters, dehumidifiers, and air cleaning machines can rapidly restore your indoor air quality to normal.

  1. Don't Miss Hidden Damage

If you have considered professional storm damage remediation, you probably have at least some storm damage sitting out in the open, such as a shattered window. However, this obvious damage can come along with some hidden damage, which you may need an expert to find and identify.

For instance, smaller leaks may go unnoticed until they have caused considerable damage. A professional storm damage remediation expert can help assess the condition of your roof and siding to see if any less-obvious leaks or damaged spots are hidden there.

As you can see, hiring a storm damage expert is the best way to get peace of mind, clean up your storm damage quickly and thoroughly, and get back to business as usual.

SERVPRO of East Onondaga is a highly experienced remediation company that offers water damage, fire damage, and storm damage cleanup. For more information on the storm damage services SERVPRO of East Onondaga can provide, get in touch today to discuss your specific storm damage situation. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you with your restoration needs.

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